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I have a jar that I want available for all my JSPs and Servlets.  (jcifs.jar). There are classes I use within this jar that also require "javax.servlet.ServletResponse" to be within the same classpath. I know that there is are library.txt and reference.txt files for this, but not sure what the exact lines should read in both.

To sum up:

1)  Jar jcifs.jar has to be available to all JSPs and Servlets regardless of application

2)  Jar jcifs.jar has to have "javax.servlet.ServletResponse" available to it.

Any Help?

Nathan Zentner

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I think this should be part of the manual meanwhile. Nevertheless, I remember that I did this stuff a year ago. usually it works to check the mentioned files and see those as an example.

More anybody else?...



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Put your jcifs.jar in server\additional-lib. To register the library add this line in library.txt file:

library jcifs jcifs.jar

To add a refenrence ofthe library ro servlet.jar add this line in library.txt too:

reference jcifs servlet

But to add a reference from all deployed applications to this library you need to list them all. So for each application create the following line in reference.txt:

reference applicationname library:jcifs

You can use also use deploy service's shell / telnet commands. The commands are CHANGELIB and CHANGEREF. Use "CHANGELIB -?" and "CHANGEREF -?" respectively to see what paremeters you need to pass to the command.

I hope this will help.