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Additional App server for PI 7.4

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We have PI 7.4 server running with dual stack, we want to have additional application server for load balancing but I need to know that which app I need to install ABAP or JAVA only? or Both?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Khuram,

You need to install both!

You can add greater processing power by adding Java Server Nodes to the existing instance.
You can add additional Instance(s) which will be ABAP + Java.

The document How to Scale Up SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, provides more information on this topic.


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Dear Khuram,

Firstly some things need to be clarified. Make sure that your System is indeed dual stack System.

1. Above SAP Netweaver for AS Java 7.31 there is no dual stack Systems, only single Java and single ABAP stacks. So if your AS Java is above 7.31 (e.g. 7.4) the process needs to be executed separately.

2. Probably you may not know but for AS Java disaster recovery there is no official SAP documentation that means it is not supported officially.

To find out please check the followings:

-SM51 - On dual stack systems you'll see J2EE amongst the Message Types (see image below, taken from a NetWeaver PI 7.1 dual stack system). Purely ABAP systems won't have it listed.
-SMICM - Check the list of services in transaction SMICM (menu: Goto --> Services) - dual stack systems will have the J2EE services listed too (look for P4 and IIOP in particular). There will also be an AS Java menu in SMICM on ABAP+Java systems.
-Profile parameters (path: \usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\profile) - ABAP+Java systems will have J2EE-specific parameters in their start/instance profiles (for example, rdisp/j2ee_start).

However we support high availibility scenario for all cluster elements (central instance, primary and additional instances and database) for ABAP, Java even for dual stack scenarios. Please see the following documentation it gives you best practices:

Best Regards,

Barnabás Paksi