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Addition of field in referencing procedure

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We are trying to copy a customized field( z field in VBAK) from master contract to local contract.We are trying to add the field in the referencing procedure in transaction VORS.But there is a check for the fields allowed, in the program L081AF0C(Line no 76)and the allowed fields are hard coded.So the customized field is not there in the check and the program throws an error.IS there a way we can add a customized field in the procedure or Is it recommended to modify the standard program and add our customized field in the check? Does modifying the standard program have any implications?

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Does modifying the standard program have any implications?

Yes, of course. Not necessarily bad ones, but in your example you won't get the desired result: there has to be a copying programmed, just a value in a customizing table isn't enough. If you enhance the other places, too, then it should work (just the usual problem: where is this used).

Maybe you use better a user exit to read and fill the value in the sales order yourself. E.g. exit in MV45AFZZ, routine userexit_move_field_to_vbak or one of the three BADI_SD_SALES*.