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Adding tenant specific custom code using SaaS Extensibility

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Hello SAP CAP Team,

the Cookbook for SaaS Extensibility describes the Extensibility options for additional data fields and UI Annotations using CDS. But is there also an option for tenant specific custom code?

A simmilar but yet unanswered question was posted here: Enhancing standard SAP code in CAP.

Best regards

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Hi Gregor,

currently, there is no way to add tenant specific code.

I will forward this question to my colleagues to check if, when and to what extend this will be available.

Best regards,


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Hi gregorw,

are you still interested in this feature? If so contact me via private channel.

Regards Helmut

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Hi Helmut,

I am looking for this feature.

So you have any idea on how to do it?

In my usecase, for one particular tenant, I would like to add a custom filter logic while fetching a particular service entity.



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Hi Krishna,

as far as I know this is still not possible. We solved this by deploying stored procedures which reside in an hdblibrary file to the database that do the business logic we need.
Sounds that this could be a solution for you, too.

The deployment of hdblibrary is unfortunately no standard when activating extensions. Cause we don't use the cli to activate tenant extensions but use the API in our program we add the hdblibrary to the HDI deployer files.
Maybe this is also a feasible way for you.

BR Helmut