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Adding POWL to FIORI Launchpad

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We have a requirement to move all our POWL based applications from NWBC into FIORI Launchpad.

Can you help me in regards with what setting needs to be done and also what should be the Semantic Object.

I can directly Navigate using the URL in the Tile but would like to know how to achieve the same using Intent Based Navigation of FIORI.

Thanks in Advance

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POWL applications are FPM-based correct? In that case, you should create a target mapping in the Launchpad Designer with the type WebDynpro and make the necessary settings there to launch your POWL application. This is like the URL approach, but gives you more flexibility around what system is launches on, and long-term will probably also result in a better user experience as FPM apps may eventually support launching directly in the launchpad (I can dream). Here you can assign an intent and then create a tile that launches that intent. The Semantic Object is up to you. If an appropriate one doesn't already exist, then you can maintain your own via SPRO.

I'm assuming you're on the 7.5 version of the Fiori Launchpad here. If you're on 7.4, then you'll have to maintain the WebDynpro information as an application in LPD_CUST.