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Adding of new infoobject to a cube?

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I have an issue,where in I need to add a new infobject to a cube.This cube is getting updated by an ODS.The ODS is updating deltas to cube.Upto ODS it is Full update.The infobject which has to be added to a cube is allready available in ODS and also getting populated.

Now my question is ,

How can I add new infobject to a cube without deleting the contents of the cube.I<b> also need all hystorical data whatever available for that infobject.</b>Hope I am clear.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vasu,

if you are using BI 7.0 means.. you can do that through <b>Remodelling</b> .. option... select your cube. and right clcik it.. and in the context menu you can find this option...

with this.. with out deleting old data you can add new fileds and populate the data also...

But if you are using 3.x means.. with out deleting the existed data.. you can't addthese new fields.. and you can't load the those particular data ..

so, you need to take the backup of that data.. and change the structure of cube... and load all the data from the start...



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Thanks a lot.

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