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Adding new fields to MSAHH5

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I'm updating MSAHH5 and now i'm trying to add 2 new fields to the opportunity section.

The fact is that I added flawlessly the budget field in all the process but i'm having some problems adding the source field.

My first problem is obtaining the possible values for the combo. Do I have to write by hand all DAL code? Is there any code generator out there?

Anyway i'm writing a prototype with a static handmade combobox and still i don't manage to get it to work. There is always an error when I make a synchronization from the MI to the CRM. Even if I put back to the server the same response i recieved from him.

The process I followed for modification is this (anyone can use it for adding fields like budget because it works for them)

For the client:

1.- Edit oppCreate.jsp and oppUpdate.jsp and prepare input form

2.- Edit and and get and set methods for new fields

3.- Edit and edit functions placeOpportunityCreateRequest and placeOpportunityUpdateRequest to add the new fields as parameters to the rfc request.

4.- Edit and edit saveState method to save the new field

5.- The same for

6.- Edit and modify getDefaultOpp to give the default value for the new field

7.- Edit and add constants for new fields in Opportunity object

8.- Edit MSAPackageManager and add two new containers for the new field.

In server side

1.- Edit CRMT_HH_OPPT_FORECAST_API and add an append structure to support new parameters

2.- Edit CRMT_HH_OPPORTUNITY_IC and append needed fields

3.- Edit CRM_HH_OPPORTUNITIES_UPD_WRAP and edit retrieve_oppt_par funtion to pass the data from ic to inner structure

4.- Edit CRMT_HH_MAP_OPPT_HEADER and add new fields

5.- Edit CRM_HH_OPPT_SELECT_MAP and make two changes: First pass the new fields to ls_oppt_header from ls_opportunity_h and second, modify define_oppt_select_10 to add new parameters.

Any clue for why can it work for budget and not for source?

I get an error when I synchronize and have to update or add new fields.

Anyway I hope this little guide is useful to anyone.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. Yes there is a code generator to genearte all entities , MSATableconstants , MSAPackagaemenagaer and all the DAL's.

refer to MSA 5.0 : OSS 854082 for code generator.

2. Make sure that the fieldname at server and added in are same

for eg if fielsd name at server is XXX

u have to add setXXXField(); however it is auto genet=rated using the code generator.

3. make a new war file and reinstall MI as if u change schema u have to register it with db2e and hence reinstallation is necessary.

Hope it gives some pointers.


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Thanks a lot Anubhav.

Anyway, what are the xml and xsl files that I should add to the code generator? When I try to use it always gives no response.

Edit: Ok, I found them under \src\_devtools. Thanks a lot

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