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Adding new field in Logon Page

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Hi Experts,

My requirement is to add a new field in the login page. The field that to be added is Passcode field, so I need the type of field as password. How can I add my new field in the Logon Page and how to validate this field. This validation should be done with respect to database table i.e., ztable.

I have imported WAR file, but in the logonPage.jsp I found the the SAP is using its own tags. Now how can I create the tags as SAP?

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Please open your logonPage.jsp under Project-->WebContent-->logonPage.jsp and add the following code snippet:

Somewhere in the table or table row as per your needs add to jsp.

<table id="tblFrmUI" >

PIN: <input type="text" name="pin" value="Mickey"><br>


Also , you have to import the RFC and pass the captured pin number via session bean context to your ztable.



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Hi Krishna,

Can you explain me more about RFC and how to pass the captured value? I am new to Portal, so explain with code briefly.

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Hi Satish,

      Refer to the following document,

instead of adding text, you need to add additional field as per your requirement.

Hope it helps.



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If you know how to use SAP tags you can go with that or else create your own input field and write a JavaScript code to validate that inputfield onblur event.

Before all these you have find the event that triggers on the Logon submit button because you have to validate the passcode field on sumbit action.

So what i found was document.forms[0].onsubmit=function() called on submit so write your javascript code of validate inside this for your input filed.

Use script debugger to see the entire flow of JavaScript events and check..

May be this will help...


Srinivasan V