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Adding more than 1 item per row level?

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Hi Crystal Community!

On the attached report, my customer would like to add a Cross Chart at the Report header level where the columns would be the different branches – AirForce, Army, Navy, but at the row level it would be the totals for the different categories:  Total Refill Calls, Total Refill Requests, Total Refill Status Checks.

Can you put more than one item at that row level? These totals are not the same field with types.  For each total I have a separate stored procedure.  I don’t think that can be done but I figured I would ask.

Any guidance is appreciated!  Thank you so much!

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Hi Chris,

To make this work, you'd need to bring in the column values in a single field and the Row values in another field.

Each Row cannot be a separate field.


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That worked!  Thank you Abhilash!