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Adding Minutes

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How can i add minutes to a date time stamp objects in desktop intelligence report.Have a solution in universe level

Select sysdate, sysdate + interval '5' minute from dual;

but is this possible in report level.

adds minutes for ex when the number of minutes exceeds 59 it adds 1 hour if the number of hours exceeds 23 it should add a day if the number of days exceeds to 30 or 31 it should add a month .

I have tried the same using the Substr() function which adds the minutes but when the number of minutes exceeds 59 it adds an hour if the number of hours exceed 23 from there the formula fails.

Thanks in Advance


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Answers (1)

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Hi Rohit,

When working with the hour, minutes, seconds date parts, then I would suggest you try to do this at universe level making use of database functions.

If you want to handle this at report level, then you need to roll up the time from minutes, hours, days, months, years and this gets quite messy.

As mentioned, at universe level the soltion is a lot cleaner and re-usable.

Hope this helps