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Adding Infoobjects in Nav Attributes of ODS

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Hello Gurus,

I m unable to drag and drop infoobjects in the Navg Attrribute section of the ODS. There is not right click option in the Navg Attrb too. Any clue.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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Hi Siggi,

Thanks for reply. you r right. so what i have done is that i have added payment terms and purchasing document type as attributes of purchasing document. now it appears in the nag list of the ODS. But now I am not able to see the 2 (payment terms and pur doc type) in the Query Analyzer. What i have used is a infoset. and in the infoset i have called for the ODS.

Do you have any clue as to how to get the 2 attributes in the Bex Query.


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Can you confirm the following:

1. In the ODS change scree, there is a On/Off flag against all the navigational attributes. Have you checked the navigational attributes that you want in the ODS (basically switched it on).

2. After activating the ODS, right-click on the ODS and choose object overview. Do you see the navigational attributes?

3. In the infoset change screen, are you able to see the navg attr in the ODS and are they checked (ticked).

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usually you see all available nav. attributes of the included (see section key and data fields) characteristics in that section and, for activating, you just have to check the checkbox.

So I think in your case, you don't have any characteristic in the ods that has a nav. attribute assigned to it.