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Adding Financial Statement Item in 0FIGL_C10

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We have 0FIGL_C10 and 0FIGL_V10 cubes already in prd.

We have cretaed new cube ZFIGL_C10 that takes data from 0FIGL_C10. In this cube i want to add 0glaccext but it is not present in 0FIGL_C10 and hence i cant add it in zcube.

I can see 0glaccext is attribute to 0gl_account. Can i just make 0glaccext a navigational attribute so that it is available in ZFIGL_C10 and 0FIGL_C10?

Will this affect 0FIGL_C10 and V10 functionality?

If not, how do I do it?

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Hi Riya,

This can be achieved by using type READ MASTER DATA in transformation

1. In the new cube ZFIGL_C10, map the desired field ( say ZGLACCEXT) to 0gl_account of cube 0FIGL_C10

2. Change the type to READ MASTER DATA

3. Insert the info object(0gl_account) and map the attribute (0glaccext)

4. Check and transfer value

Now the object ZGLACCEXT will hold the values of 0glaccext

Hope this helps you



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I tried making 0glaccext as navigational attribute in 0gl_account and in ZFIGL_C10 cube.

Now i am able to drill on 0gl_accout_0glaccext but it doesnt show any data.

I want to use the hierarchy of 0glaccext in Z cube so that i can fetch it in BO.

Even if i read from master data of 0gl_account,it will give me all unassigned values for 0glaccext field.

Any more suggestion?