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adding fields to the cube

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hi gurus,

i have a cube named zsalesorder which is in support project,the data is loading from r/3 to bw side,now my client wants to have 2 fields add to this cube,when i add the 2 info objects in the infocube the data for those feilds appear to be blank as it was in support the data was there for the remaing can i populate those 2 fields to my cube?

what is the use of the option make infoobject as data target is this useful in my scenario.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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Making infoobject as a data target is not useful in your case.

After adding the 2 fields you have to enhance the datasources in the R/3 side so that these fields are added to your R/3 data sources and populated with data.Go to RSA5 Find your datasource and click Enhance the datasource button at the top.If you are adding Quantity or Amount field you have to add the unit and currency field also.

See the below link for the sample code for newly added field population in the R/3 side

Then do the changes in your update rules,transfer rules accordingly.

Do an init without data transfer and then activate the delta.

With this setup the new delta will populate the new fields in the infocube.

If you want to update the new field values for old and existing records then go for generic extractor and populate the fields.



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In this case the data for the newly added fields will be empty for the already loaded data till the new ones are added. To fill with data for them for earlier loads you can do onething. First take a backup of data from teh existing cube. After adding the new fields you can reload from th backup cube while populating data to the new ones by giving some logic in update rules.

Well if you have complete data in sourec system you can get data for the new fields easily. That is by reloading agian from the source sys after deleting the exsisting data so that the data is available to load for the newly added fields also.

Hope this helps you....