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Adding dynamic size table to Interactive Form

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Hello everyone,

I have a node with multiple elements that i would like to show in an interactive pdf form.

I'm using the Adobe LiveCycle Designer to do it, but i'm only managing to bind "solo" variables, not tables.

How can i associate dynamically a table with several lines to a pdf interactive form ? I tried a list box but i still only get the first element shown in the box. Am i doing anything wrong ?

Thank you in advance.

Nuno Santos

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Basically the general way to add a table to INteractive form is by adding a subform elemet to a subform element and(i mean subform in a subform), now map the fields u want to be displayed as a table.

For the fisrt subform set the LayoutType-Flow Content,Flow DirectionTable.

Then select the allow page breaks within the content option.

And the binding should be Normal.

for the second subform:

LayoutType-Flow Content,Flow DirectionTable row.

Now also select the option allow page breaks.

Then for Binding tab: select the Repeat Subform for each data Item, then min count=1.

And now if ur table columns contain names like abc, def and xyz.

Then in the script editor code something like this

abc[*]; under show: initilaze, language: Formcalc and Run at: client

Hope this should work out for you.

let me know if u have any more queries.



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Tank you for your fast answer, Lohitha. What do you mean by "map the fields u want do be displayed as a table" ? Is it just drag and drop to the first subform, or to the second one ?

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Hi ,

Setting all the properties what I mention over there and leter u can drag and drop your elements in second subform.

Then it should work.

Please close this thread.



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Lohitha M

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Thank you very much. Problem is solved. I'm getting an error when rewarding points (probably because of these changes in the look of SDN made today... i don't know). I'll reward you with points as soon as possible

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