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Adding documents to OpenText ECM using SAP Fiori

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Hi all

We are implementing S/4 HANA 1610 FPS02, and OpenText ECM 16.2. The UI for our end users will either be a standard S/4 Fiori App (or the Webgui/ webdynpro available as a Fiori Launchpad tile) or a custom Fiori App. Our users will need to add documents to their business objects via Fiori and similarly they will need to retrieve them. We are only implementing the basics of ECM and so don't anticipate the usage of Workspaces - our ECM will effectively be a big storage device. However, we have been told by SAP/ OpenText support the following;

- GOS is not supported in Fiori

- Reusable Document Attachment Fiori – which supports display of AchiveLink Documents - is available, but I don’t know how many SAP Fioris have incorporated the reusable attachment block

- SAP Exended ECM by OpenText offer Fiori and other UIs to display Workspaces which could be leveraged

- I assume most of these 100s J customers are using still SAP GUI to run S/4 HANA

Contrary to the last comment, I would like to think that many S/4 HANA customers are using Fiori applications to access the backend.

Does anyone have any experience of linking a content server (doesn't have to be OT ECM) to Fiori applications and what options are available to do this?



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did you find a solution ?

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At Znk we are specialised in that problematic and we can discuss the best approach with you.

For these kind of issues, we have created an SAP add-on: YAC

YAC is able to manage all types of attachments and to make them visible in the Fiori Apps attachment lists. In the same manner it is able to transform any attachment added to a Fiori App attachment list into a GOS or Archivelink (Business Document) attachment.

Furthermore YAC supports all types of Content Repositories, on premise and in the cloud: SAP, OpenText, CMIS (Sharepoint, Alfresco, ...), File System, and custom ! And very important: YAC does all this without any change in the SAP Standard or in the Fiori Apps ! No need to customize your UIs, no need for the "reusable attachment block", YAC will do the job !

If you wish further information send a mail to