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Adding colors

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Can we add colors to text , and shading to the rows ( back groud ). if yes how can we add?

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Answers (3)

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Using character formats in smart style we add colours to text.

But for window box and shading option is there in output will give colour for window.

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TEXT could be coloured by making a new paragraph say P3 and seting the font and colour and bold/italics in "smartstyles"

transaction and save this and then use this paragraph in smartforms. and priting this text will be shown as coloured.


the shading could be done in smartforms by going to


and once table is amde create a line type (LTYPE)

in the LTYPE select the columns of LTYPE and above in the menu there is option for box and shading , choose the colour and press the button above that (WITH A BLUE DOWN ARROW ON AREA)--> USE SHADING

and the row will be displayed as SHADED

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U will have to create a smartstyle first ,and create a paragraph for ur selected font and color.and then u will have to use the smartstyle in the output option of the text module.

and for background , u can upload the picture thr se78 and bring it to ur smartform by graphic node if u want borders u can create a table or template in the smartform and there u can use the select pattern push button for borders and shading and saturation for colors.

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Deepthee Kasal