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Adding categories into a previsouly created repository

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Hello -

I received a new set of categories and attributes to add to an existing repository.

I would like to load these tables into MDM.

Since this is relative to taxonomy, it has to be done direcly in data manager.

Is there a way to load the attributes via import manager or can it only be done in data manager manually?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Depends on number of records ( hierarchies & attributes ) you want to add to the existing records. If hierachies are few you can create them manually in Data Manager. For attributes , export existing attributes in excel Add new attributes in the same excel file i.e. just extend the file with new records. Then import the file from data manager & link the attributes. This may be a quicker way.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Nadine,

First in your source side you should have Three Fields or create the following manual fields:

1)Attribute Name

2)Attribute Value

3)Type- (Numeric or Text)

In the import manager Select the Source sheet and on the destination side select the Categories Attribute on the Bottom. map the Type (that would be Numeric or Text) Name(english) with Attribute name then import those Records.

In the second import map select the Categories [text Value]table in that map Attribute Name and Text Value, in that same map select the categories link table map Attribute name and Node name and import those records.

It will import all the attributes along with its value and link.

Hope dis helps,

reward with points.



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Hi Nadine,

You can do this using Import Manager. Just load the Source file with new categories and attributes into Import manager. Follow these steps:

1] First of all load all new "Categories" into MDM.(Use Partition tab to create hierarchy).

2] Once you have all new categories in MDM , load new attributes only.

3] Next is to load all values of recently loaded new attributes.

4] And final step is to link these attributes to categories.

Follow this link for detailed information.


Refer to "Classification Data Import" section .



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Hi Nadine,

I would say its possible through MDM IM and its more depend on how you prepare your source file!

Loading taxonomy along wt maintable records would be appropriate method; since taxonomy linked to maintable!

For example; Model Number ; Taxonomy Hierarchy ; Attributes

hope this helps.

please feel free to revert to me for further clarifications..



p.s. Kindly reward the points if found helpful.

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If you have a spreadsheet of attribute values you can use the import manager. I would manually add the attribute definitions (name, alias, type) in Data Manager first, although you might be able to dynamically create them via the import.

Within IM, choose the main table as your destination, and map the record, it's taxonomy node, and all of the attributes.


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Hi Tim -

Thats actually what I am looking to do...

I am not sure exactly what you mean when you describe the process...

1- so - there is some manual work to do, right?

2- How much can IM be used?