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Adding a field to a crystal report in sap b1

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All I am trying to do is to add the field for credit limited to the standard item invoice in SAP 8.8,

I have added the BP table OCRD and draged the creditline field to the layout, but when you view all the fields are empty.

I obviously need to link somthing - I have excepted the links that are automatically completed by SAP.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.



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Thanks but I am new to crystal - I can see the links.. but do i need to add another table maybe and link via another field.

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do a test report with just the table BP and see if the data is there.

If you see the data in the test report, than add the table you originally tried to link to. remove all the links that crystal has created and link it manually from the new table to the table BP. and run again. Once you get the link right, go back to your original report and fix the link.

Autolinking in Crystal is not reliable in fields linked and in the direction of the link.

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Hi Jo,

The link type defaults to INNER JOIN; you may need to change it to LEFT OUTER in case any of the customers have the credit limit field blank.

As Debi mentioned, remove all the links done by CR; only link you will need between OCRD & OINV is on the CardCode.