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Adding a Calculated field from Item-level to Sales Order Fiori app


We need to add a column to the Sales Order table in F1873, which is the total of amounts of a specific item type.

The CDS view for this table is: C_SalesOrderWl_F1873

which selects from the header of Sales Orders, with association to Items. I created an extension for this CDS view to do the calculations, but realized Virtual Elements don't work for anything but project views.


How else can I extend an SAP cds view to display an item-level field that needs calculations, in the Sales Order table without the use of Virtual Elements? Do Table Functions work in a CDS extension?

We are on S/4HANA 2020.

Thanks in advance.



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Active Contributor

it is not first time you didn't respect my answer.



Your answer would confuse more than clarify. You use the wrong cds view example, and you pasted the code without using the code tag, and not even include the column line. That's the difference between RAP and non-RAP syntax. You didn't even include that part in your answer, and didn't bother clarifying it. Answers have to be clear and not crypted.  It would have  taken 2 minutes to edit and correct your answer when I asked you to,  why wouldn't you?