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Adding a Calculated field from Item-level to Sales Order Fiori app


We need to add a column to the Sales Order table in F1873, which is the total of amounts of a specific item type.

The CDS view for this table is: C_SalesOrderWl_F1873

which selects from the header of Sales Orders, with association to Items. I created an extension for this CDS view to do the calculations, but realized Virtual Elements don't work for anything but project views.


How else can I extend an SAP cds view to display an item-level field that needs calculations, in the Sales Order table without the use of Virtual Elements? Do Table Functions work in a CDS extension?

We are on S/4HANA 2020.

Thanks in advance.



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The issue was that the syntax is only valid for RAP, with projection views. For non-RAP versions, the syntax is the same but you don't use "virtual" in front of the column.

An example can be found in C_Customer360_F2187:



@ObjectModel.virtualElementCalculatedBy: "ABAP:class_name"
cast( '' as <type> ) as colname

Have to be careful these days when reading SAP documents, to make sure it's the right version, with so many versions and frameworks around.