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Add Time Stamp / Watermark in a Analysis OLAP report

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I am trying to figure out if I can add a time stamp like (last refresh date & time just like we have in a webi report) in a Analysis OLAP report.
I am also trying to add background image (like a watermark as Confidential / Draft) in my OLAP report or even if I can add it anywhere in the OLAP report I am ok with that.

Has anyone done this before & can shed some information on how to do it, it will be very much helpful.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ashok

In Analysis OLAP each crosstab connects to a datasource. If you open the Properties panel for the selected crosstab, it shows the name of the datasource being used and the last time it was refreshed. Note that this date is the last time the data was refreshed, not the last time the workspace was refreshed. Analysis OLAP only ever displays live data so this "last refreshed" date lets you know if the data you are viewing is up-to-date or stale.

Regarding the watermark, the core assumption is that folks who use Analysis OLAP have had the correct row security applied so that they can only view the data they are authorised to view. It's when you come to share this information outside of Analysis OLAP that these resistrictions cannot be enforced.... eg when you export to Excel or to PDF.

When exporting to Excel you can simply add "Confidential" into the spreadsheet before sharing. When exporting to PDF, in Analysis OLAP there is the option to customise the header and footer details... and one option is "Custom Text". This can be used to enter whatever text, eg "Confidential" so that it appears in the PDF when the data is exported.

I hope this answers your questions.


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Hi Ian,

Thanks for your answer which was really helpful. On the date & time stamp I can't tell the users to go to properties & look at it since they would download it in XL / PDF for their future reference. I need it to make it available inside the report either in header / footer. The same applies with CONFIDENTIAL. Basically what we are trying to do is, we need the following information to be available when we develop the OLAP report.


- Report ID

-     Report Name/Description

-     Run Date

-     User ID – Running the report

-     User Prompts Input Values

As I said earlier, these information will need to be available when they view / import the report in XL / PDF from BOE.

We have the same requirement for Analysis Edition for XL too.

In XL I figured out getting the User Prompt Values - using the function "SAPListOfVariables"

The Run Date I got it adding them in the Header / Footer. Remaining of the items I couldn't figure out how I can or if its supported in AA Excel. All the above options serve as a default template for our reports.

All of the above options we can do it in Webi, but I need it in AA Excel & Analysis OLAP.


Ashok. T

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