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Add "Payload" to Message Monitoring Alerts

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I am following the How to Guide on Monitor XI 3.0.

I have set up an Alert with varibales as per section 4.2 - Message Based Alerting. All working well and emailing notifications of failiures.

I have searched, and found I can add specific fields from the payload, but I want to attach the whole message...

Is it possible to add the "message Payload to the notification" as well?? If so,where can find more info on this??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Barry,

If you want your Alerts to be genearted automatically in the background, then I guess only the container variables available on SAP help can be used.

But if you are looking to use alerts in BPM, then I think this weblog by michal might help you,


Hope this helps,



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