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Add datafile in oracle

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Dear Team

I have create table space in Oracle with Alter command ., But when I check this one via DB02 .DBA data file . it show NO autoextensible . what the mean of autoextensible . and IF I want to do autoextensible YES. Then what to do for autoextensible.


Jagdish Kumar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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alter database datafile '<YOUR_FILE_NAME>' autoextend on;

If u make autoextent on you cannot monitor increasing your tablespace and spare many - many free space of hardisk,

Sometimes it leads to peformance, database will be hung up

If there is no space to extent the tablespacespace,

you can change the tablespace setup into auto exchange

like this, ex increas 10% :


50 )

it's better you use no autoextent the tablespace, you can

resize each datafile to increas your freespace in

tablespace or get a biggest block.

SQL> alter database datafile '<datafile_name>' resize

<size_of resize>;

If u want to add a datafile

SQL> alter database add datafile '/disk1/BASE/DATA.ora1'

size 200M;

you must login as user which grant DBA



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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I think you are better off posting this on the Oracle section: