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Add Data Target into PSA package

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due to an erronous transport, the update rules for 0BBP_PO got deactivated. That problem is resolved now. Unfortunately, in the mean time a delta load has run for 2LIS_02_HDR/ITM/SCL.

The PSA Package is still available but it doesn't have 0BBP_PO as data target. How can I reintegrate 0BBP_PO as data target for this PSA package?

In the mean time I have removed the request from all other data targets hoping that executing 'update from PSA' would also take 0BBP_PO into consideration again.

It however doesn't appear in the data target list for the PSA package.



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Hi Eric,

One solution maybe the creation of a DataSource on the PSA directly. Then you can built an InfoSource and related Update Rules from PSA DataSource to 0BBP_PO. In InfoPAckage Selection you can select from PSA only Request that have not been uploaded to 0BBP_PO.

Then you can restart with the usual uploading from your source system.



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OK. I was a little quick on posting this message and too hesitant on trying out myself.

It's simple actually, when you 'schedule the update' from PSA you have the possibility to actually select the data targets you want to update.

I actually removed the requests from the other data targets for no good. They could have remained there.

I just needed to 'schedule the update' from PSA only for 0BBP_PO as data target.

Thanks and regards,