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Add attributes in InfoObject: DataSource still remember the old structure

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I got some problems doing the datasource in SAP-BW.

The situation

- added new attributes in InfoObject-OCRM_PROD

- generated export Data of the InfoObject-0CRM_PROD


- removed the new attributes just added above since they were incorrect from the InfoObject-0CRM_PROD

- added other new attributes in the InfoObject-0CRM_PROD

- re-generated export Data of the InfoObject-0CRM_PROD

- replicated data source

- in the RSA3 in SAP-BW was able to see the new attributes, but in the InfoSource still recognized the previous structure.

- Therefore, we decided to go to RS02 and removed the InfoSource 80CRM_PRODM only and replicated the DataSource again.

The problems

- when we re-generated export data source this time, there was a message mentioned that the data source was already generated. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the data source 80CRM_PRODM any more. I wonder how to recover this case since it is a standard InfoObject from SAP-BW.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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Closed without solution!

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Hi WJ,

Goto RSA1 -> Settings (from menu) -> Display generated objects and select the "Show Generated objects" option. Once your Infosource is visible then activate the transfer structure using RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL.

Hope this helps.