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Add an extended attribute to an extended collection

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Hi all,

I would like to add an extended attribute into an extended collection, in the same metaclass:


Metaclass Process (BPM):

Extended Attribute: Attr_1

Extended Collection: Collection_1

--> Add Attr_1 into Collection_1

Do you have any ideas?

Does someone has an idea or a solution?

Best regards


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An extended collection must be typed (select a metaclass and stereotype)

The attributes you can see in the collections are the ones you will define in the target metaclass.


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Hi Marc,

thank you for answer. I understood.

Is there a possibility to add the attribute into the collection without defining a stereotype or a new object?

My problem/challenge is:

The extended collection in the BPM contents the Target Type "Process" from the EAM.

Further more, an extended attribute (defined in the BPM extension) should be added into the extended collection.

To make it clearer, I added a screenshot.