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Adaptive Learning: Pre-test/Post-test


Is there a way to allow the Pre-test to grant completion if passed 100%? I have a Pre-test and Post-test but if you pass all objectives in the Pre-test it gives you credit for the modules but still requires the Post-test to be completed.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Brittany,

There was an option to use the old exam object as a pre-text, but this will disappear.

So I will describe a workaround for this.

You can Create an item for pre-test, for course, and other one for post test.

You can setup item options to define course prerequisites and substitutes.

Follow next steps to apply these to your scenario:

  1. Create an item for pre-text and assign assessment to it, setup that it is required 100% to approve.
  2. Create a second item to add the content of the course in substitute add the item1, so when user pass item 1 he will also pass the item 2.
  3. Create a third item and assign the post exam, in pre-requisite add the item 1 and the item2, so when they pass item 1 or item 2 they will be able to go ahead to item 3.

Even as plus, you can add an assignment profile that identify who has passed item 1 or 2 and assign the item 3 automatically.

Hope this can help!!
And if this help vote my solution please, I am looking for a badge 😉