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Activity "Fill internal Header Table for Table JEST" canceled

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Hi support,

When I run the process, canceled because it reaches the memory limit.

When the activity is running, note in the SM50 is reading cnvtdms_05_equi table, which has 240 million records, and also noted that when:

Memory (sum private) reaches to 2,000,000,000 bytes

Memory (sum) reaches 500,000,000

Memory (used) reaches 500,000,000

Memory (max.transaction) reaches 500,000,000

Memory (max.dialog step) reaches 500,000,000

canceled the process.

I also note that the "display file" of the SM50, wp = 10, there is a message that says: "SelMemClass: heap quota (Nondi) exceeded 2000000000 2000060272".

This confirms that the problem is that memory is not enough to read the entire table cnvtdms_05_equi.

I reviewed notes and I have activated and added P_ROLL_R and P_ROLL_W parameters for the activity.

I would appreciate your comments.


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Answers (1)

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I had this issue. using transaction CNVMBTACTPAR set




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Be informed that if you set the parameter P_FULL to 'X' then the data for the equipments will be transferred in full i.e. it will not be a reduced transfer based on date.

However the activity will finish quickly.