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Activity is not showing up in DTR

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Hi ,

I've checked out few Java files in DC by creating the activity and did some coding in it. I didnt check IN the code for a day. Next day my system crashed out and i had installed the NWDS and connected to DTR again and imported the configuration. The Activity that i have created before the crash is not showing up in the development configuration perspective. All the files that i had checked out before the crash are now in Writable mode but i when i try to edit and save the file it shows "<b>Save could not be completed , Files are not checked our for edit</b>". How to find the pending activity in my name in DTR and check in that activity



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Saravanan ,

What happens when you go to the Navigator Tab and select the Project Folder and select the option DTR -> Add -> Subfolder? There this will ask you for an activity and maybe you can watch the last one there....


Maria Margarita Monteverde

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Hi Saravanan,

First Check whether the activity you created is existing on the DTR server or not.

To find that follow the below procedure:

Access the DTR server using the URL:


Then, go to "system tools" and then "reports".

Then, click on "Activity Search". In the Workspace field, give the name of the workspace in which the activity was created. Give the path starting from "ws" folder upto the "workspace" name. Then, select whatever filters you require. For example, Opened only or Closed-only. Then, click on "Show".

This will list the Open-Activities.

Then you can proceed accordingly.

Reward points if helpful.


Sumanth Manjunath

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After the crash, you installed the NWDS and created a new client (re- imported the dev conf). Due to a new client filter, you are not able to see the activity that was created earlier.


Create a DTR Client for the DTR that is used by the NWDI. You can do this by from the DTR perspective in the NWDS. Using the new DTR client, you will be able to checkin or revert the activity.



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