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Activity and Process Availability attributes usage in BPH type process in Solution documentation

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What is the use of Activity and Process Availability attributes under Classification in the attribute panel for business process hierarchy type Process in Solution Documentation? Can we also change the values in the dropdown list for Activity and Process Availability attributes. Please find attached document Process_attributes.docx containing relevant screen shots for the reference.

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Hello mp.vashishth

As I saw your question, I myself became curious to know about these two attributes and started exploring.

Based on my discussion with SAP Expert Chat, I wanted to share below information with you.

Activity - It is related to the value chain your company brings to their customer. Activity is classified into Primary and Supporting. For more information please go through Porter's Value Chain - Strategy Skills Training from This URL was shared by SAP

Process Availability - Talks about the availability of a particular Business Process. The values that we see in the drop down comes from a fixed value domain SADIR_AVAILABILITY and we just adapt it. Customization is possible only by ABAP consultant.

Now after discussion with SAP, I am left with few open points

1. What impact/significance does the Process availability brings or makes to the Business or SAP system. For example, if I mark Accounts payable process as 16*5 under Process Availability, will the system not allow the user to create, edit anything respected to Accounts Payable after this 16 hours.

Anyways I think my answer would atleast helped you to explore some more in depth about the Business processes.