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Activating the ODS in the background

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We have just applied secondary indexes to a very large ODS object in our Production environment. The system allows me to save the changes to the ODS, however, when I try to activate the ODS object, it is timing out. I assume this is because the system is creating the indexes upon activation. How do I activate the ODS object in the background? Since the original activation timed out, do I need to do any cleanup before attempting to activate the ODS in the background? Any help is very appreciated.

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Activate you ODS when the server load is relatively low.

Following things are to be considered when ODS activation fails:

1. If your ODS activation fails, in BW SM37, job will fail. This doesnot mean that you reactivate it immediately. There are some chances that it will fail again.


It will take some time to rollback all the activated records (as activation of some records might have happened).

<b>HOW to know Rollback taken place or not..?</b>

1. In SM37 Double Click on (Failed) Job

2. Click on "Job Details" button

3. Pop-up window will be displayed

4. Note down "Executing Server Name" & WP Number/PID

5. Go to Tcode: SM51, You can see Application server names

6. Find your Servername and click on the server

7. You will navigate to another screen

8. In that PID (3rd Column) you click on the PID# (that you have noted)

9. If the PID is still running with records, then it means that records are still rolling back.

10. Once the rollback is over, all that data will be displayed with "0 (zero)" records.

Then you activate your ODS. Now the ODS activation will run on new PID#.


If you start running immediately after ODS activation failure, then ODS activation will run on the same PID# which it previously ran and activation makes slower (and timeout might happen).

Check stpes from 1 to 10 when any ODS activation takes place you can know how the records are updating.

Hope this helps you....