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Activated variable 0cmonth from business content

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I have activated variable 0cmonth from business content but I do not see it as a characteristic value variable option in BEx query builder under 0calmonth2.

Do I need to reactivate the infocube that contains ocalmonth2, reactivate the infoobject 0calmonth2, or is there another way to link variable 0cmonth to 0calmonth2?

(BW 3.1 release 3)



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you would never find that variable under 0calmonth2, as this variable is based on 0calmonth (Calendar Year/Month). Expand the Calendar Year/Month you will find it there.

best way to check on what IO the variable is based - se16 - RSZGLOBV - Variable Name - 0cmonth.

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Thanks Voodi,

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