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Activate OHD with MDM

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Hello to everyone!

I have tried to create connection between BW and MDM as it is described in "How to integrate MDM with BI 7.0 Using Logical Connection Object"


But i have got next problem.

In BW i use user with name BCUSER, but MDM has first user Admin after creation new repository!

Therefore activation of OHD in BW end with error "User BCUSER does not exist"!

I tried to work with user ADMIN, but problem of casesesetive appears: in MDM user is "Admin" but in BW user is "ADMIN"! In finally the same error appears.

Could anybody help me to resolve th problem please?

What must i do?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Log into MDM Console to that repository with ID: Admin, Pass: <blank>

An create a user with Name: BCUSER assign Admin role if you want and you should be all set


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Thank you for the answer.

Oh yes, i can to do that!

But when i try to activate my Open Hub Destination i have error "Repository alreade exist"!

I undarstand that there mustn't be the repository with the same name!

Am i right or am i confusing anything?

Best Regards


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i use Provider "55_SP05_PL01" with type "CL_MDM_PROVIDER_55_SP05_PL01" for MDM server

I used to use Provider "55_SP05_PL00" with type "CL_MDM_PROVIDER_55_SP05_PL00" for MDM server I got the error "Inconcistency....check yor settigs DBMS and repository type". I wrote thet it became from OO ABAP API - there is an error there.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi folks,

just a small hint. From version 5.5 SP06 on there is a feature in the ABAP API that the corresponding SAP users gets created in a repository when it is created using the ABAP API.

That should help in such a scenario.



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Thak you a lot

i have resolved the problem today

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Can you please share how you resolved it.

I am facing the same problem. The repository is getting connected, but not able to connect it. Its a issue with User name and password. Please suggest.



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Are you getting error "User 'BW's' user does not exist"?

If it's true it mean that your repository in MDM doesn't have such user. Really, when repository has just created it has only ome user: Admin without password!

During activating OHD you need create the same user as in BW in the repository!

You mast do next steps:

1. In FM MDM_ADMIN_CREATE_REPOSITORY set break point on the last line!

2 When the activating process will be stopped with breakpoin you can create user in th repository

3 Continue activating process y pressing F8

Good Luck!

If you nee you can ask me!