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Action on Button

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Hi All,

I have a basic question in SAP Agentry regarding buttons.
I have a requirement to add a button on a screen in Agentry which when clicked needs to fill the other field values with data from an object. In my case it needs to fetch address details from the workorder object.
I am quite new to Agentry so am not sure how to achieve this using buttons. I tried something similar using radio buttons where on clicking yes the address details are fetched using a rule. However I need to achieve this using a button. I am not sure how I would add this logic on the action for a button.

Would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Malita,

In the Agentry Editor , you may need to create a button and map an action to it or pass it to a transaction screen which calls the values to be populated. Please read through the guides :

For your reference

and I have attached the language reference.