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AckRequestNotSupported error in IDoc to file scenario

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I have a scenario from IDoc to file adatper, when i try to run this scenario, every thing is ok except there is a error in message monitor.

This error is regarding the Acknowledgment("Acknowledgment not possible"), But the ALEAUD IDoc have been sent to the orignal sender (IDoc side) with the empty content except the Header segment such as sender name, receiver name etc.

And when i tracted the detail information in message monitor, i got the following error information.



I also went through some weblog and artical, i didn't got the solution.

If some body also have this error?

thanks & Best regards


Following is My acknowledgment error information: FYI

*<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>*

*- <!-- Response*


- <SAP:Ack xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1" applicationAckNotSupported="true" applicationErrorAckNotSupported="true">




Outbound Acknowledgment content:

- <SAP:IDocOutbound xmlns:SAP="">






































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Answers (3)

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Hi all,

I have already checked the links, but my question did not solve.

It seem that system acknowledgment is also not supported by File adapter.

But now i occured new problem, when i tried to send a IDoc to R/3 system via file-xi-IDoc, The IDoc can not be retrieved at R/3 side, all the other thing is nomal. After traced all the information, i found that all the IDoc is store in SM38 with "Transaction recorded" status. So How to handle this? or Send it automatically?

Thanks & Best Regards


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Hi Rocky,

Check the below links of setting up of ALEAUDUT RESPONSE:


Check this document on handling IDOC acknowledgements. This might give you some idea.

Please check the above two links if u have missed anything in setting up the acknowledgement.Let me know if u need furthur information



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See page 369 and next. Hope it will help you to determine cause of error.