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Acknowledgment Requirement when Integrating with RosettaNet Partners

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Hi Experts,

I need your help for below requirement.


SAP ECC ------------> SAP PI -----------> RosettaNet Partner


We used IDoc adapter to connect SAP ECC to SAP PI WHILE RNIF Adapter to connect SAP PI to RosettaNet Partner.

Once an outbound IDoc is triggered successfully and sent to SAP PI, IDoc status will be updated to status 03. Now, I'm stuck on achieving the Acknowledgment requirement to update the IDoc status from 03 to 39 once IDoc has been successfully received and processed by Partner.

I know that this is achievable by implementing ALEAUDIT IDoc. Once the IDoc has been received, an ALEAUDIT IDoc is generated, and sent back to SAP PI which will be converted into PI request message in order to be accepted by the Sender System (SAP ECC).

However, this approach is only applicable if Receiving system is SAP System.

I need your expertise on how to achieve the Acknowledgment requirement back to SAP ECC when integrating with RosettaNet Partners.

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