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Achieving Real-Time S/4HANA Cloud Data Replication in SAP Datasphere Without DP Agent


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a solution to archieve real-time data replication from S/4HANA Cloud to SAP Datasphere without using an on-premise Data Provisioning Agent. Without a DP agent, currently it seems we're limited to Data Flows and Replication Flows, which don't support real-time replication or remote table access for views. Is this right?

Has anyone managed to bypass the need for a DP Agent to enable real-time replication and remote table functionality? I've checked the roadmap but found no hints for this functionality ( 


Best regards


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Hello @tmths,

It's a good question! Real-Time Replication but no Data Provisioning Agent! 

As far as know it's not possible / available yet! Yes, you need Data Provisioning Agent / Cloud Connector.

I could not see any future addition for that in the SAP Datasphere Roadmap.

With that though, Real-Time replication available, check out Replicate Data Changes in Real-Time and Integrating Data via Connections

  • Remote Tables - copy data changes in real-time (real-time replication)
  • Replication Flows - You can enable a single initial load or request initial and delta loads to load changes at regular intervals. It depends on the connection type if you can use the connection as source or target connection.