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Accuracy in calculated key figures

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Dear BW Experts

I've a problem with calculation accuracy using formulas in BEX.

We use BEX as a controlling instrument and there was the need to calculate "price and quantity effects on sales".

Therefore I need the simple calculated key figure "Price PLAN" that is defined as planned sales divided by planned quantity.

The keyfigure for planned sales shows € 8.337,98 in value, the key figure for the planned quantity 2.116 pieces.

The value for "Price PLAN" is calculated from BEX as 3,940755249. If you let Excel calculate the "Price PLAN" the result would be 3,940444234.

There is an unpursuable difference of 0,000311015 which leads to further heavy rounding errors when using this calculated key figures in other calculations e.g. multiplying with other quantities.

How is BEX evaluating formulas ?

How can I increase accuracy in calculations ?

The key figures planned sales and planned quantity are direved from the info cube with selections.

We are using BEX Explorer Version 3.0B Patch 16.3020.16.662

Thank you very much for your support

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Stefan,

Please look at note #708827 - "Calculation accuracy for formula variables and constants".

Best regards,


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Hi Eugene

thank you very much for your response - I'm not very familiar with the forum - where or how can I find note #708827. The forum search does not help so far.

best wishes

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Here is the OSS Note body:


A formula variable or a constant are only processed with an accuracy of nine characters.

Furthermore, only five decimal places are accepted with a formula variable.

Other terms

Query, rounding, variable, constant, accuracy

Reason and Prerequisites



For example, replace a formula of the type

K = B * ( 123.456,789 + 0,001234 )

The attached correction should help formula variables. Up to 14 decimal places are now accepted.

However, note that in all cases, the system works internally with the type F, therefore, the accuracy cannot increase beyond 15 to 16 decimal places.

Furthermore, you can only output up to 9 decimal places. Even though the calculation is now made internally, in this case, it is rounded off to 9 decimal places in the display.

BW 3.0B

Import Support Package 20 for Release 3.0B (BW3.0B Patch 20 or SAPKW30B20) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available when note 0647752 with the short text "SAPBWNews BW3.0B Support Package 20", describing this Support Package in more detail, is released for customers.

BW 3.10 Content

Import Support Package 14 for Release 3.10 (BW3.10 Patch 14 or SAPKW31014) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available when note 0601051 with the short text "SAPBWNews BW 3.1 Content Support Package 14" is released for customers.


Import Support Package 02 for Release 3.5 (BW3.50 Patch 02 or SAPKW35002) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available when note 0692636 with the short text "SAPBWNews BW 3.5 Support Package 02", describing this Support Package in more detail, is released for customers.

In urgent cases, you may use the correction instructions.

In this case, in addition to installing the advance correction with SNOTE, you must change the interface of the RRBA_CONVERT_PACKED_NUMBER function module: The default value of the I_DECIMALS import paramater must be changed from 5 to RRSI_C_SID-NOT_EXIST.

To provide more information in advance, the aforementioned notes may already be available before the Support Package is released. However, the short text will still contain the words "preliminary version" in this case."

Hope it helps!



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A link to the OSS Notes Search page

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