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Account information not recognized: The Active Directory Authentication plugin could not authenticate at this time. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact your technical support department. (FWM 00005)

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I receive this error when trying to log in with manual AD authentication. I get a commit succeeded in the stdout.log.

One point I noticed is that the AD user password has a complex password with special characters. Can this cause an issue?

Trying to log in to CCM > Manage Servers using AD authentication gives 'internal error'.

If the special characters (<>?/!@#+:;~|) is not an issue (we have most of the characters mentioned there), what else could I look at? Please suggest.

Product: SAP BI BO 4.1 SP01

The only debug option I use is debug = true in bscLogin.conf.



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i would request you to share the list of steps which you have performed to configure the Win AD.

Below is the document to configure. i would request you to recheck your configuration.

if all are fine, then we can find is it issue with the web application server configuration or BO Win AD configuration by checking in two ways.

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Thanks for the reply JRK Prasad. The steps are already done.

Steps performed:

1- Ad user created, SPN generated, Kerberos enabled. Password has special characters.

2- On BO server,

a) AD user added to local admins group

b) SIA  runs with AD user

c) CMC configuration done - Kerberos authentication

d) krb5.ini and bscLogin.conf files created and declared in tomcat configuration.

Tried kinit - works

Tried AD login to CMC - Fails with error in subject. Tomcat stdout.log says commit succeeded

Tried AD login to Manage Servers - Internal Error

Any suggestions?



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Hi Tejaswini,

This is most generic error for Win Config issues.

First i would request you to include the AD service account in Act as part of the Operating System‖ policy and server local admin.

Update AD plugin from CMC (Central Management Console) AD plugin screen one more time.

Make sure that SIA/CMS are running on AD service account.

import any WIn AD group to the BO environment and add any Win AD user to administrator group.

Check first if you are able to authenticate with AD with a client tool (CCM, Designer, Crystal Report)

If no, then there is some issue with the basic configuration in the Service account delegation or Manual login process.

Make sure that user from other domain needs to login as user@DOMAIN.XYZ.COM (should be in CAPS)

If yes, then we can check the configuration for Web Application server

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wat's the Encryption type?

can you attach the screen short of the CMC-AUTH-AD page.