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Accessing SAP scripts in EP

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Could SAP scripts be accessed in EP. There is no transaction code or BAPI. They are jus scripts written in R/3. Pl help me out in this

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Hi Pavithra,

There are 2 approaches:


Create a print program in which the SAP Script will be called.

Create a custom transation for that program.

Create a Trasaction iView for that tcode and you can use that iView in portal.

<b>Another approach:</b>

Create a BSP application in which the SAP Script will be run and render the output as PDF.

And finally you can create a BSP iView for that BSP Application.



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Hi Trikanth,

Thanx a lot for ur reply. I have a query. Where should that print program be written? Should that be written in R/3. Jus explain the first approach in detail. Thanx in advance.