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Accessing HANA DB via putty

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I have a query regarding accessing HANA DB via putty.

DB team has created a user for me(say "X") with "MONITORING" role through which I am able to connect to HANA DB in studio.
OS team has created a user for me(say "Y") through which I am able to access server on which HANA DB is residing.

SO I want to know how and by which user can I access HANA DB in putty?

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With Putty itself a direct access to the HANA DB is not possible. With Putty you can connect to the server on which HANA is running. If you logged in on OS level you can for instance use the hdbsql interface to connect to the HANA database with the DB user.

But the question is, what you wanna do. Depending on that you should choose the way and the tools how you access the db.


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Hi Florian,

Thanks for your input.

As of now, I want to check the current DB status in system and monitoring views, and the data collected by the statistics server. Also, load and memory consumption of OS, Run HDBSQl queries etc.

DB team is logging into the HANA DB via
su - <SIDADM>

and their entries is present cat /etc/group file.

So I want to know how can I I access HANA DB in putty via user that has "MONITORING" role.