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Accessing Families table via Java API - possible?

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We are currently using the Java API to develop a web viewable display of our Family hierarchy and custom fields associated with the Family hierarchy/table.

I get the following error when trying to read the table:

Table with Code 'Families' does not exist in the repository 'eCatalog' or is one of the system table (e.g. Workflows) that is not exposed in repository schema

I have also interrogated the schema to get a listing of the available tables and do not see the Families table in the list:

	T1	Products
	T4	Masks
	T5	Named Searches
	T6	Categories
	T7	Images
	T8	Text Blocks
	T9	Copy Blocks
	T10	Text HTMLs
	T11	PDFs
	T13	Sounds
	T14	Videos
	T15	Binary Objects
	... (custom tables removed from list)

We have also started to look at possibly using the Publisher API. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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You need to create Famililies Table manually if in case Families table does not exist in your repository

When you first create a new MDM repository, MDM

automatically: (1) creates the Families table; and (2) sets the Family

Field to the Category taxonomy lookup field of the main table.

To add the Families table manually, there must be a taxonomy lookup field in

the main table that can be used as the Family Field (typically the

Category field).

Hope, it helps you..

Thanks & Regards,


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Veera, thank you for your response. I should have been more clear with our situation. We have been running MDM for several years now for both master data management and publication creation. Our Family table and respective fields have been in existence since we first started.

Are you aware if it is possible to access the Families table via Java API?