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Access JCO Destinations from EJB

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We are building application with WebDynpro on the front end and EJBs implementing business logic. Application will access R/3 system on the back end. We access R/3 system from EJB. What will be the best way to get JCO connections in this case? We'd like to get them from SystemLandscape but this doesn't work from EJBs only from WebDynpro component. Any thoughts. Thanks.

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Hi Andrei,

you can retrieve the jco connections from sld even from EJBs. You have to implement a CIMOM client service (as stateless session bean for example) connecting to the SLD where the required connection definitions are stored. Documentation is available here:

Additional hints:

The SLD JCO connections maintained by the WebDynpro content admin don't have a valid password. The password is replaced on creation/update for the SLD definition and stored in the secure storage. The key to access the password in the storage is the name of the jco connection.

I would suggest to define seperate JCO destinations for the EJBs in the SLD and leave the WD managed connections for the use of Web Dynpro apps. To avoid security holes, use HTTPS for the SLD access.

Hope that helps.