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Access fields of infospoke from badi

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Hi all,

i'm trying to transform an infospoke with BADI and i don't know how to access the fields from the IF_EX_OPENHUB_TRANSFORM~TRANSFORM method to manipulate them.

Can anyone give me some expample coding ?

thx in advance.


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Answers (1)

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You can find the example at transformation tab itself. Click on the information icon...

In the following implementation, a counter OHCOUNT is added to the extracted data of InfoSpoke MYSPOKE. To do this, the field OHCOUNT was added to the target structure /BIC/CZMYSPOKE in the DataDictionary.

method if_ex_openhub_transform~transform .

data: l_count type sy-tabix,

l_s_data_in type /bic/cymyspoke,

l_s_data_out type /bic/czmyspoke.

data l_dummy.

message i899(rsbo) with 'exit started' into l_dummy.

i_r_log->add_sy_message( ).

clear e_t_data_out.

loop at i_t_data_in into l_s_data_in.

move-corresponding l_s_data_in to l_s_data_out.

l_s_data_out-ohcount = sy-tabix.

insert l_s_data_out into table e_t_data_out.


message i899(rsbo) with 'exit finished' into l_dummy.

i_r_log->add_sy_message( ).