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Acces Batch Input in Fiori

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Being logged into Fiori, the Batch Input is missing (not shown) into menu System->Services menu path.

Even though, if logged into SAPlogon, the System->Services->Batch Input is correctly shown.

It seems that some kind of Fiori authorization is missing.

There are other users with several roles assigned (consultants with broad access to the system) are able to see Batch Input both in Fiori and in SAPlogon.

Could you help me?

Thx and regards

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Hi all

I found the answer!

From Fiori, object S_DEVELOP for OBJTYPE=DEBUG and ACTVT=03 is checked.
This object is not checked in SAPlogon interface. Just when the user accesses via Fiori launchpad.

But why? It doesn't make sense... and actually I'm not happy to assign DEBUG (even for display) to end users.

By the way, I'm using SAP FIORI S/4HANA on premise 2020 SP01