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about what modification we can do in copied invoice form of sap script

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i had copied invoice form rvinvoice01 to my my form and now i want to do some modification in my copied form .

what modifiation we can do in copied invoice form.

plz explain with any exmple.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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copy the standard program of rvinoive into zscript from the 000 client.

then u get the standard invoice layout.

in that layout whatever the requiremnts to u. that to be modified and resizing of windows, logo uploads, tax details, total, subtotals comments and all to be done, and creating a new window in the layout all these to be done. while we r writng rhe driver program of that assign the window names correctly otherwise it shows error.

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Zuhi Singh

apart from above suggestions....plz dont delete the windows in 'Page window'....if u r not editing the driver program......

bcoz the window may contain elements...which the driver program will be calling be careful while deleting any window...

If u have elements in Scripts the Comment those queries except the element itself....



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now it is like any Z-Script Form nad u can do any modififcation u want according to ur requirement.

like if u want resizing of any window , not to display some data, prargraph setting......................all.

but if u want tot display some additional data then u hae to check it in driver program wether or not table u require is used in that,

if not then simillarly u have to copy Driver program and make changes it that accordingly, but carefully.

then assign both to output type.

reward if helpful.