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About Using "Not Inlist" function

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Hello Everybody ,

How can I use Not InList function in sum function ?

For example

I want to Total Employees number except the number of trainees .

[Personnel Type] not in list "Trainess"

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Answers (4)

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Using the eFashion universe I created query with just State and Quantity Sold.  I then created a variable called UV State defined as follows...

=If(Trim([State]) InList("DC";"Texas");[State];"Other States")

Note I had to trim State because apparently it has trailing spaces.

I then created a table with UV State and Quantity Sold which results in this...

Grant points if it helps.


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=count([Emp Id]) where (not([Personnel Type]  inlist("Trainess")))

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=Count([empoyeeid] where([Destination]<>"Trainess"))

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try this:

=sum(if [Personnel Type] = "Trainess" then 0 else 1)

Hope that helps