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about temporay storage in DTP

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Hello Gurus,

will y please how can I use this storage for error handling?

Many thans,


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Normally in BW data loads we will get few error records because of data quality etc, due to these records loads falilures will occur, the main purpose of temparary storage is you can store the error records in temparary storage and load the remaining data into data target for reporting availablity to the business.

This temparary storage call it as error stack, in this we can store data based on semantic groups.

Semantic Groups to specify how you want to build the data packages that are read from the source (DataSource or InfoProvider). To do this, define key fields. Data records that have the same key are combined in a single data package.

This setting is only relevant for DataStore objects with data fields that are overwritten. This setting also defines the key fields for the error stack. By defining the key for the error stack, you ensure that the data can be updated in the target in the correct order once the incorrect data records have been corrected.

I hope this will help you, if you need complete details read the below link.