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HI, This is silpa.

i want information about SLD.And what is system products and components,technical systems and business systems.if any bady knows please farword me.

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Dear silpa,

Welcome to SDN..... SDN is a rich place of information...

Coming to your Query...its very basic...So for all these things I advise not to post thread and first you simply search the SDN

like ,

Search Term : SLD

Category or Forum : SAP XI

Date Range: ALL

This will give you lot of info regarding the search term...

SO I HOPE here on for simple question ,Better to search them first...

And make the forum members try hard to earn points... <b>;)


what you will say ?

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SLD contains

1>SW catalog, which contains

SW product: is any application. Ex: MS office.

SW Component: is any new funcationality that is added to the product.Ex: Ms-Word, Ms-Excel

SW Component version: version of the new functionality.

2>System Catalog, which contains

Tech systems: SW products are installed on the tech systems.

Busines Systems: are Logical systems that take part in the actual message exchange., Each Client can acts as one business system in SAP R/3




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Hi Silpa,

want information about SLD.And what is system products and components,technical systems and business systems?

Good Document for u r requirement download this document .....

what is a Technical System? why is it created?

Technical system is a phisical machine, it have a IP. Can be a BBDD, ERP, J2EE ......... a Business System is a logical term that we use into the Business Scenarios and represent these Technical System that we had created.

In the SLD, you have SAP server details as a Technical system . Then Business System is created for this.

Registering a new technical system in SLD - ABAP based


what is a Logical System? why we create it while creating of Business System?

-->In SAP terms, a logical system is a client in a database. Messages are exchanged between logical systems.

Logical system is created in the SLD. For e.g you are posting an Idoc.

what is a Business system? What is use of creating it?

Business System have an entry in the SLD and Buiness Service do not.

Business Systems are used when you are sending data to and from an R3 system and can be of ABAP, JAVA and Third Party Types.

Business System is a logical representation of a Technical System.

Business Service is a abstract representation of a System. For instance, have a several system working together and IPs of this machines change eventually. When we use a Business Services like google we reference a computer that we don't know the phisical implementation.

why we maintain a Logical system name?

--> Logical system is maintained to communicate with different systems under the distribution model of ALE Layer.

This is the official Training Material, it will not be possible to get it as need to approach any of the training Institute.


Satya Kumar

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1. /people/sugree.phatanapherom/blog/2005/08/14/configuring-sld-in-sneak-preview-sap-netweaver-04-sneak

2. /people/sap.india5/blog/2005/11/03/xi-software-logistics-1-sld-preparation