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about routines......?

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Hi gurus & frnds,

we have routines to enhance the data in several places. i have a doubt that how can we came to know that, in this place routine is matched against our req.

see, In transfer rules Start routine is used to processed whole data packet data, where in update rules start routine also used to process data packet but record by record by using keyfigure. i think i am correct this one. if not plz rectify me and advice exact one.

so plz provide all routines like infoobject level start routine, infopackage OLAP routine & ABAP routine, and etc.., when to use & how to find out...

waiting for ur valuable inputs frnds.

Warm Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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According to our requirement we can use the routines,

Eg.1.InfoObject level: I want to change the data from lower case to upper case and if you want to avoid any unwanted chars and so on like this you can use it.

Eg.2. If you want to do some filtering/validations in Datapacket level you can use start routine.

Eg.3. InfoPackege level routine,if you want to give any selections and fetch the data accordingly,in this case you can use this routine.

The difference between Trasfer routine and Update routine is ,Transfer routine is globla and Update routine is local to that perticular data targets.

So like that you can you routines.


Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru

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